Camp Recipes - Favorites of Kids and Adults

Family eating dinner at PRPC Campground
Camp Snacks
Includes recipes for Gorp, trail mix, bird food, rain forest mulch, and extras that are sure to be a hit with the kids.
Great Camp Meals
Recipes for “Campfire Ham and Pineapple”, “Quick and Easy Chili”, “Grilled Mexi-corn”, “Pan-Fried Trout”, “Camp Biscuit Mix”, “Snakes On a Stick”, “Pups in a Blanket”, and “Grilled Logs” are easy to make and are some of the favorites around our campground.
Great Camp Deserts
Learn how to make Banana Canoes – A truly fun way to eat a banana, Baked Apples - These healthy treats taste special when they're cooked over a campfire and Shaggy Dogs - These are truly messy camp desserts – real outdoor material.
Campfire Treats
Come sunset, it's a good idea to be prepared with some campfire treats. S'mores, the tradition for young and old alike, are must-haves, so we'll load you up some delectable variations. Learn how to make the The S'mores Classic, Robinson Crusoes, Chocolate Dream, Mighty Mints or Sophisticates.