Campfire Treats - S'more Recipes

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Come sunset, it's a good idea to be prepared with some campfire treats. S'mores, the tradition for young and old alike, are must-haves, so we'll load you up some delectable variations.

You probably won't have to nudge the kids to pitch in with the cooking here. They'll love the idea of using sticks instead of pots and pans, and even common mistakes, like blackened marshmallows, taste good when they're cooked in a kitchen without walls, chairs or fancy table manners.


Even more sophisticated. It's not just what is on the inside. view

Mighty Mints

Love chocolate and mint? This one is a little more sophisticated. Usually for when the kids are in the tent. view

Chocolate Dream

Love chocolate? All kids remember the last place they had a chocolate dream S'more. Most adults do too! view

Robinson Crusoes

U mm. Peanut butter, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Need we say more? view

The S'mores Classic

Who doesn' remember their first s'more? What? You havn't had one around a campfire yet? Grab your stuff and head right up here now! view