Waterproof Pocket Naturalist Guides - Michigan

Mother Nature: Our Favorite Science Teacher

Are your kids bored in school?

Are you looking for learning opportunities that are hands-on, relevant and fun?

A trip on the river or hike through the forest is a terrific life sciences teaching tool.

Simply bring along any nature guidebook and challenge your kids to identify the various birds, plants, rocks or animals. Form a competition by dividing the family into teams with a prize to the winner who identifies the most species during your outing. The field trip doesn't have to end with the sunset. Who knows? A night spent gazing at the summer sky's spectacular display of stars, galaxies and meteor showers may inspire the future astronomer in your family.

Teaching young people about the natural world helps instill in them a lifelong appreciation of wild places, wildlife, and a desire to protect and conserve them.

Our PRPC Store carries a variety of waterproof Pocket Naturalist Guides, a sample of which are shown here. Double the fun and learn while you play!

Our free Bird and Wildlife Checklist is a perfect complement to the nature guides. Great for families and groups that want to have fun and learn at the same time.

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