How Well Do You Know The Pine Contest

Welcome to our Annual "How well do you know the Pine" Contest

This contest should be tough for both first time Pine River paddlers as well as the veterans who have been enjoying the river for years.

The prize is a $100 gift certificate toward any of the Pine River Paddlesports Center goods or services.

Here’s your challenge:

Identify the location of the bridge in the photo below. This railroad bridge facilitated the transportation of hundreds of thousands of logs over the mainstream of the Pine River over (and only) a century ago.

Old rail road bridge over the Pine River

If you think you’ve identified the location, and yes, there are remaining visible remnants of the bridge, send us your email entry to prpc[at] Describe/identify the site as best as you can. Though it’s not necessary, including a conclusive photo or two would be helpful, or better yet, send GPS coordinates if you have them. Please also share with us your history of visiting the Pine, and how you found/identified this site as being that of the railroad bridge in the photo. Lastly, please include PRPC Contest in the email subject line. Good luck!

We’re betting against it, but in the event that there are multiple entries which correctly describe the location, we’ll put the winners in a hat and draw from those names to determine the winner. The winner will be selected November 1st and everyone who correctly identified the bridge location will be notified.