Wow Climbing Wall

Looking for a fun, challenging and safe family activity? Bet you didn't know that PRPC has the tallest climbing wall north of Grand Rapids.


Picasso said it best, “Youth has no age.” Kids age 4 to 104 love the rock climbing wall located in our campground. Just try and hold back your smile as you create some rock solid memories with your family and friends.


All climbers use comfortable, size-appropriate harnesses, and are automatically belayed by a failsafe, dual-redundant hydraulic and air belay system. PRPC Staff secures all climbers into their harnesses, clips them into the auto-belay and supervises all climbing to ensure the highest level of safety. Spectrum Sports, the manufacturer of this wall, has a spotless safety record over their ten years of building these walls.


Each of the four 32 ft. routes presents a different fun and challenge factor. At the top, or anywhere along the way, climbers can release their holds and the belay will gently float them back down to terra firma.

Climbing Wall Rates

Climbing is $5 for the first climb, then $3 per climb thereafter. $50 for 1/2 hour of unlimited climbs or $90 for an hour of unlimited climbs.

Make a Reservation

With limited river permits available, make your reservation to reserve your spot and book your PRPC adventure or reserve a campsite now!