Car Spotting Rates

We cannot facilitate shuttles for folks bringing their craft unless they have first purchased River Permits from the US Forest Service. Until they run out for any given day, they are available for $2/craft plus a $6 transaction fee from the USFS at 1–877–444- 6777 or at Permits Online.

If you bring your paddlecraft, have purchased your river permits and parking passes, and need help with your transportation, we charge the fee in the Table below, based on the starting and ending point.

Many who have brought their own in the past, choose now to just rent from us. It saves the hassle and cost of obtaining river permits; parking passes, loading, unloading, cleaning your craft, vehicle gas, plus paying a third party to facilitate your shuttle.

Word to the wise!!: Purchase a copy of “Canoeing Michigan Rivers” by Jerry Dennis from Amazon (or elsewhere, we sell them in our store). This book is the best investment you can make (maybe second to a paddle) if exploring Michigan’s Rivers is in your future.

Car Spotting Fees for Paddlers with Their Own Boats
The rates listed are based on 2 people & 2 kayaks OR 1 canoe. For each additional craft, add $20 per solo craft & $30 per tandem craft
For trips beginning at: Ending: Dobson or other access upstream Ending: Peterson Access Ending: Low Bridge FYI - Miles from PRPC Round Trip
Briar Patch Access Site $84 $89 $111 40
Meadowbrook Bridge $77 $82 $102 35.8
Skookum Access $74 $78 $100 34
Walker Bridge Access $54 $59 $81 23.4
Lincoln Access Site $52 $57 $78 22
Elm Flats Access $42 $47 $78 16.8
Dobson Access   $42 $47 6.6
Peterson Bridge Access     $44 2.6
Low Bridge Access       14.4

You know that we are a business with payroll, taxes, insurance, equipment, buildings and associated overhead. What you don’t know is that when we are providing transportation for folks who own their own craft, the Michigan Department of Transportation licensing and testing requirements for our employees are more stringent, hence expensive, and we are also required to pay for an additional rider on our insurance policy. We factored these costs into the fees shown in the above pricing table.

We serve customers renting our craft first. If we have the resources to shuttle for you, we will be happy to do so. Thank you for understanding.

A neighbor and friend of ours also does car-spotting. Contact John at 231-862-3480