Pine River Map

This is a map of the floatable area of Michigan's Pine River from Edgetts down stream to Norman Dixon.

Pine River Map
Pine River Canoe/Kayak Float TImes *
Float Section Time
Edgetts to Briar Patch 1 Hour
Briar Patch to Meadowbrook 1 Hour
Meadowbrook to Skookum 1 Hour
Skookum to Walker 2 Hours
Walker to Lincoln .75 Hours
Lincoln to Elm Flats .75 Hours
Elm Flats to Dobson 1.75 Hours
Dobson to Peterson 2 Hours
Peterson to Low Bridge 2.5 Hours
* These are "in-the-canoe" times, figure extra time if you will be stopping along the way to rest, visit, swim, eat, etc.