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Miltner Update:

It’s time for another Miltner Update! We’re all still kicking, and excited to see the temps slowly rising, thawing the earth for another glorious summer. Much has changed here at the Miltner camp – the biggest change is the adoption of our newest member, Alaney. Jake and Alaney met at PRPC during the Summer of 2012, and Alaney decided to stick around (whether Jake liked it or not!). Like the true river rats that they are, they were married on the banks of the Pine River at Walker Bridge in June 2016, in front of Mark & Val’s home. They’ve been loving married life ever since, and are absolutely jazzed that they continue to get the chance to work together at PRPC.

Alaney and Jake on their wedding paddle

This winter, we all kept ourselves busy. Mark was a in a semi-truck, traversing the nation. Alaney waitressed part-time at Coyote Crossing Resort, while keeping the PRPC paperwork and phone calls under control. Jake accepted a position at a local sand plant as a heavy equipment operator. Fortunately, he had the foresight to take 2nd shift so that he is still ready, willing, and available to help run people to the river in the mornings!

You might also get the chance of meeting a new, furry face at PRPC this summer. PRPC has adopted a new mascot – meet Hoxey. Jake and Alaney have been enjoying his company for about a year and a half now. In good Miltner fashion, his absolute favorite place in the world is the river!

photo of Alaney  with her dog Hoxley in a canoe

This Fall we undertook the project of building a second cabin at the PRPC Campground. It keeps the basic format of the other cabin, with a few minor changes here and there. We sure can’t wait for our first campers to spend the night in there this summer!

As the safety/navigability work is accomplished on the river, we will be posting updates on our Facebook page at

Pine River Water Flow Conditions

USGS Water-data graph

For real-time water temperature and volume measurements on the Pine click here.

An interesting statistic … 24% percent of our rental guests actually own their own craft, but find it much cheaper and easier to rent ours. Why? It's easy and it saves you money. When you rent from us, we pay for your boat permits and parking passes. And the bigger upside is that not having boats on the top of your vehicle significantly improves your gas mileage, it saves you from having to load them, unload them, risk losing them, shuttle them around while here(or pay us to do your shuttle), and then wash them up and put them away when you get back home.

Reminders for folks paddling their personal craft: If you are bringing your own craft, you will need to buy USFS Parking Passes @ $5/day, $15/week for your vehicles. Also remember that watercraft permits are required for all watercraft, including tubes, from the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend through the Monday of Labor Day Weekend for a fee of $2. Watercraft permits for the Pine and Pere Marquette Rivers on the Huron-Manistee NFs are now available on-line! To make a reservation, go directly to the Permits page. or call 1-877-444-6777

Please Remember: Alcohol and river-sports are a destructive mix. For safety, social, and resource protection considerations, please wait until you're off the river and off the road, before partaking of any alcohol. Please also remember that Styrofoam packaging or coolers, glass, water balloons, and firecrackers are prohibited on the river. Thanks for preventing litter by using your litter-bag and making sure all cargo is securely tied to your craft.

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