About PRPC

Owned and operated by Mark, Jacob, and Alaney Miltner, the Pine River Paddlesports Center began with Mark's acquisition of a Pine River canoe livery in 1971. Over forty years have passed and we've been blessed to be able to scratch out a living doing something we really enjoy - sharing our love of the outdoors with our guests. The real reward is seeing the smiles and our guests' appreciation for these rivers and this big, beautiful chunk of God's country.

Here's what our 40+ years of experience mean to you:

Our expertise combined with the largest selection of rental paddlecraft in the Midwest assures that each and every member of your group is outfitted with the best equipment.

Concise and friendly instruction will allow even the first timers of your group to paddle with confidence and ease.
Planning a river trip your family will never forget is easy with our extensive knowledge of area rivers, landscape, and wildlife.
Our staff is committed to the protection of our natural resources, and continually participate in Adopt-A-River Cleanups, Adopt-A-Forest Cleanups, and Adopt-A-Highway Cleanups.

We actively encourage all visitors to advance a legacy of responsible outdoor recreation.
Call 231-862-3471 or contact us online to plan your paddlesports trip on the Pine or Manistee River.

The Pine River Paddlesports Center is a partner with the Manistee National Forest, and an equal opportunity service provider.

PRPC Paddlecraft Guidelines & Policies

Because we are committed to seeing the rivers remain the masterpieces of nature that they are, we clip a litter-bag into every canoe and encourage our guests to carry out more than they carry in. Glass, water balloons, firecrackers, and Styrofoam coolers/packaging are not allowed on the rivers.

We want your paddle trip on the Pine or Manistee River to be a safe and happy adventure. The great majority of land along the rivers is public, State and National Forest land. However, some land is privately owned, and it is important that you not stop on Private Property.
Fishermen and individuals also enjoy the solitude of our rivers. In order to peacefully co-enjoy the rivers with others, please use common sense and courtesy. Experience shows the best way to greet a fisherman is to quietly ask (don't yell) where he'd like you to pass.
In the summer, a bathing suit is ideal for paddling. Sunscreen, sunglasses and a broad brimmed hat are suggested as well. Sneakers are the footwear of choice. Prepare for less-than-ideal weather and pack a long sleeve shirt, pants and waterproof shell. For a trip in cooler weather, bring garments made from wool or the new synthetic fabrics such as fiberpile, polar fleece, or capilene.

Alcohol and paddlesports just don't mix. Consuming alcohol while paddling compromises your safety. PRPC maintains an alcohol limit of 3 beers per adult. Hard liquor is not allowed. Please don't consider reserving with PRPC unless you are prepared to adhere to the ban on excess alcohol. To eliminate surprises, we ask that all members of your group be notified of this policy prior to your arrival. We appreciate your efforts to keep our rivers safe and peaceful.

Operating paddle-craft on a river includes elements of risk, as does any
active outdoor recreation. We discourage anyone impaired by medication,
drugs or alcohol to operate paddle-craft. Pregnant women need to
consider their physical condition, paddling skills and river conditions
to determine acceptable risk. PRPC does not assume liability for
personal injuries or accidents. Group leaders sign a waiver and release
form prior to the trip.

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