Pine River Map

Pine River Float Times

Briar Patch to Meadowbrook - 1 Hour

Meadowbrook to Skookum - 1 Hour

Skookum to Walker - 2 Hours

Walker to Lincoln - .75 Hours

Lincoln to Elm Flats - .75 Hours

Elm Flats to Dobson - 1.75 Hours

Dobson to Peterson - 2 Hours

Peterson to Low Bridge - 2.5 Hours

* These are "in-the-canoe" times, figure extra time if you will be stopping along the way to rest, visit, swim, eat, etc.

Pine River Access Points

The links below take you to Google Maps so you can view details and get directions.

Thanks for helping make our vacation very enjoyable and relaxing. We appreciate all the hard work you & your staff do to keep the campsites and restrooms so clean. We keep coming back because we love the peaceful, private sites, the trees , and you guys! Your staff is helpful, friendly, polite & efficient. Oh, and we like canoeing the Pine too! Blessings! Gratefully,
Kip M.

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