Pine River Map

Pine River Float Times

Briar Patch to Meadowbrook - 1 Hour

Meadowbrook to Skookum - 1 Hour

Skookum to Walker - 2 Hours

Walker to Lincoln - .75 Hours

Lincoln to Elm Flats - .75 Hours

Elm Flats to Dobson - 1.75 Hours

Dobson to Peterson - 2 Hours

Peterson to Low Bridge - 2.5 Hours

* These are "in-the-canoe" times, figure extra time if you will be stopping along the way to rest, visit, swim, eat, etc.

Pine River Access Points

The links below take you to Google Maps so you can view details and get directions.

know you probably have a ton of customers to remember so I don't assume you remember my son Paul and me from two weeks ago. But I just wanted to thank you for getting us on the river and to let you know that e had a great trip. The Pine is a jewel as you know and e feel really blessed to have shared it together father and son. The fishing was so good it caused us to get to camp just before dark. The brown trout we kept panned up nicely and we enjoyed it by our campfire. We love it on the river and Paul's first home-school project is a narrated video/photo story of an adventure that still fills our minds and hearts. The last day thru to Low Bridge was just a gift from God. The clear skies and bright early morning sun just made the river magical. I don't know when we will be back but I guarantee we will, and you all well be part of that visit. Thanks again for the service and hand shake. God bless you.
Terry T.

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