Pine River Map

Pine River Float Times

Briar Patch to Meadowbrook - 1 Hour

Meadowbrook to Skookum - 1 Hour

Skookum to Walker - 2 Hours

Walker to Lincoln - .75 Hours

Lincoln to Elm Flats - .75 Hours

Elm Flats to Dobson - 1.75 Hours

Dobson to Peterson - 2 Hours

Peterson to Low Bridge - 2.5 Hours

* These are "in-the-canoe" times, figure extra time if you will be stopping along the way to rest, visit, swim, eat, etc.

Pine River Access Points

The links below take you to Google Maps so you can view details and get directions.

I trust this finds you busy and that your people are smiling as usual. In June took the crew down the North Fork of the Flambeau River. We had the usual outstanding time, and the river was on a par with yours, but the outfitter sure wasn't. We've yet to find an outfitter on a par with your quality and service. Wanted to let you know the vote was to head your way again next June. Can't wait!
Jack F.

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