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Paddlesports Fastest Growing Segment

For many good reasons, Stand up Paddling is the fastest growing segment of Paddle Sports. It's not quite walking on water, but you feel as empowered as if you were. A waltz like no other.

As the pictures show, stand up paddling is enjoyed with the paddler standing on a very stable paddle board and using a long lightweight paddle to propel and steer. It is an experience completely different from any other type of paddle sport.

The ease of paddling an SUP will surprise you, the stability will shock you, and the fun-factor will refresh you. But it is the view from up high that will convert you. Being 5 to 6 feet above the water minimizes refraction and surface reflection and allows you to see all kinds of trout, turtles, and fur-bearers as you paddle over them. Just as intriguing is having the ability to see the complexity of underwater logjams, the river bed, its shape, form, make-up and colors. It's a completely different experience with a clear view into the water you are paddling. Be forewarned, it is extremely addictive.

And it's not just for the conditioned athletes and young, tanned surfer types. People of all ages, shapes and sizes are enjoying this low-impact recreation. If a Stand Up Paddle Board sounds like too much of a challenge, rest assured it is not. The photo above speaks to how stable our SUPs are. And we were amazed at how easy they are to paddle. The long paddle gives you more reach, a longer stroke, and allows for almost effortless control.

Other delicious upsides of the SUP are that you're not as confined as you are in other paddle craft. You can actually walk, albeit carefully, around on the board as you're going down river. You get to soak up more sun as you stand, sit, kneel, or even lay down on the board, as you enjoy your in-the-zone float downstream. These boards paddle so effortlessly and if you choose, you can spin the board around on a dime, surf any of the small waves along the way, and paddle it upstream here and there if you're looking for a good cardio push.

Procrastinate no more, spice up your life by making plans today to refresh your mind, body, and soul by joining the ranks of Michigan's Stand Up Paddlers.

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I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how pleased I am with the level of service we received and the quality of facilities that we experienced during our recent outing through Pine River Paddlesport Center. Over the years I have worked with many canoeing outfitters, but I can honestly say that I have never felt so genuinely welcomed and accommodated as you and your staff made me feel. Your eagerness to make our trip exactly as we wanted was as refreshing as the actual paddling. I very much appreciated the thought you gave to which boats would make more sense as we switched from the Manistee to the Pine. It would have been easy for you to take the easy way out and let us go with the boats we already had, and the effort you put into switching for us speaks a lot about your service. I was also particularly impressed how you engaged the Scouts during your paddling "lesson" before we left. Working that process as a series of questions focused their attention and really made the points "stick". As for the facilities, I am ecstatic that I have found a place where I can know that I can go and have everything that I'm looking for in a non-wilderness campsite. You've really hit the mark with large, well spaced out sites where you don't feel like you're camping with the folks at the next site. Impeccably clean bathhouse facilities are a rarity, and yours is probably the cleanest I've ever seen. The focus on maintaining the peace and quiet of the woods really puts it over the top. I usually but a T-shirt from outfitters that I use mainly as a reminder of the trip that I took, and I bought a PRPC shirt as well. Somehow wearing the shirt last night felt different.....that I was actually proud to be wearing it. Thanks for a job well done.
Dave S.

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