Pine River Paddlesports

Paddlecraft Rentals on the Pine and Manistee Rivers

PRPC rents canoes, kayaks, rafts, and stand up paddleboards for trips on the Pine River and sections of the Manistee River. We carry the largest selection of paddlecraft rentals in Michigan.

Canoe Rentals

Our staff of experienced paddlers will fit you to a canoe that is weight and experience appropriate. We have canoes from Old Town, Novacraft, and Wenonah available.

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Kayak Rentals

With the largest inventory of rental kayaks in the Midwest, we have choices available you won't find anywhere else. Our experienced staff will fit you to a kayak that is weight and experience appropriate. Inventory includes recreational kayaks, whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks, funyaks, sit-on-top kayaks and more.

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Raft Rentals

Rafters head down the Pine River on PRPC rafts

Our extensive inventory of rafts include: Two-man, three-man, and four-man rafts, which hold up to six if there are smaller kids in the mix. We only run commercial rafts, and only the best in the business, from Aire, Hyside, and Star.

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Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals

Also in our inventory is a selection of both hard and inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards, or ‘SUPs’. SUPs offer a very unique way to paddle down the river. The view you get from standing up on the board is one of a kind as you get a different angle to see deeper into the water. However, you are not restricted to standing on the board the entire time - kneeling or sitting is completely acceptable! In addition to renting our SUPs on the rivers, people often times will rent them to haul with them to their cabin-getaway on a lake.

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We recently took our family down the Pine and had the most enjoyable time!! My sons were all exceptionally happy to do something so rustic, and including the entire family. I appreciated your friendly attitude with us, and the helpful guidance on how to handle the kayaks. This was the first time for all of us, and hopefully we can return again soon. Thanks for a wonderful, memorable day.
Linda R.

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