PRPC Paddlecraft Rental Information

Pine River Paddlesports Center has the finest selection of rental paddlecraft in Michigan. Our vast selection of tandem and solo canoes and kayaks, funyaks, sit-on-tops, C-1's, touring kayaks and 2-3 and 4-person rubber rafts allow our expert staff to outfit your entire group with paddlecraft appropriate for size and experience level.

What's Included

Included in the rental fee is the use of Paddlecraft, Type III life vests, paddles, cushions, clipped-in litter bags, US Forest Service Permit and US Forest Service Parking Pass(es).

  • At no additional cost, we provide the ($5) USFS required parking passes for each of your vehicles parked at your end-point access site.
  • We offer comfortable upgraded life vests we clean after every use.
  • Fun, fast, fruitful paddling instruction that turns on the lights for our guests and empowers them to paddle with comfort, confidence, and command.
  • We have the largest selection of Paddlecraft available in Michigan, and our Staff (paddle-heads all) will help fit you to craft that is size appropriate and tailored to your experience level.

Reservations and Cancellations

Reservations for Paddlecraft and Camping are strongly suggested.

  • For trips beginning on a Saturday, the full rental fee must be sent as deposit.
  • For trips beginning Sunday through Friday, $10/craft must be sent as deposit.


On Sunday through Friday trips, if a situation arises and you need to cancel some of the craft you've reserved, the deposit for those cancelled will be credited toward the balance due. If the trip is completely cancelled, the deposit will be refunded, less a $20 processing fee.

Our policy for cancellation of Saturday reservations is that cancellations are accepted up to 7 days prior to the trip date. However, there is a $15 charge for each craft cancelled. If the reservation is cancelled in its entirety, we will issue a refund minus a $50 processing fee.

Cancellations received within 7 days of a Saturday trip will not be refunded if we are rented out and have turned other guests away. If we are not rented out, we employ the policy for cancellations received 7 or more days prior to the trip date. However, for cancellations made after 3:00 PM on the Friday before your Saturday trip, no refunds will be given regardless of whether or not we are rented out


Here at PRPC, we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing! So, friends, please pay attention to the forecast leading up to the day of your trip. It is not hard to make an enjoyable, fantastic trip in any sort of weather if you are only dressed correctly.

We do not have a special weather cancellation policy. Our regular cancellation policy remains in effect. In Northern Michigan, it is very rare for a storm to last all day. Hence, we are willing to move the time of your reservation on the day of your trip, so that you may avoid any lightning or heavy downpour that is passing through. We are asked quite often what to do in case of lightning while you are on the water - our answer is that the river valley is one of the safest places to be in these rare cases. In the valley, you are at the lowest point, with tall trees and hills on either side of you. In addition, you are almost always in a plastic canoe/kayak or a rubber raft - while we do own aluminum canoes, very rarely do we put them on the water anymore. If your group absolutely does not want to go on a trip due to the weather, we are willing to give you a rain check that is valid for another day in the current season, excluding holidays and prime Saturdays in July and August. But please note, this rain check policy is to be used in cases of inclement weather only.

On very rare occasions, we will not allow folks to go down the river due to the weather or very high water - in cases like these, we will either move your trip to the Big Manistee river, allow you to reschedule, or issue a refund, since it was our decision and we deemed your trip unsafe.

Remember - Paddlesports and Alcohol Do Not Mix

For social, safety, and resource protection reasons, PRPC maintains an alcohol limit of 3 beers per person, No hard alcohol, Jello shots, or other intoxicants allowed.  Please don't consider reserving with PRPC unless you are prepared to adhere to the ban on excess alcohol.  To eliminate surprises, we ask that all members of your group be notified of this policy before your arrival. We appreciate your efforts to keep our rivers safe and peaceful.